Seasonal Arts and Crafts Projects for Small Children

Crafts are a great way to spend some time with your child. And just because your child is young doesn’t mean that they can’t participate in some wonderful arts and crafts activities! It will, however, probably require a bit more preparation on your part to ensure that your child can be creative and have fun [...]

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8 Tips for Redirecting a Temper Tantrum

What Are Temper Tantrums? If you have a child, you’re probably all too aware of what a temper tantrum looks like. They’re normally accompanied by screaming and crying, and often throwing things or other violent behaviour. The first temper tantrum can often come as a shock to new parents - how is it possible that [...]

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Why Young Children Need To Learn Sharing

As a parent or guardian, it’s probably not news to you that most young children can have difficulty seeing the world outside of what is immediately in front of them. They also have strong feelings about their own desires and are more than often compelled to to share those feelings when they feel that something [...]

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11 Reasons You Should Be Reading To Your Child

When Should I Start Reading to My Child? It’s never too early to expose your children to the many wonderful books out there and try to encourage a love of reading. From about six months onward, your child will have sufficient sight and touch development to be able to start enjoying the benefits of reading. [...]

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How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready For A Pet

Few children go through childhood without wishing for a pet of their very own. Owning a pet can teach some really wonderful lessons to your child, including responsibility, loyalty, and kindness. Pets can also be a great comfort to your child and enhance their experiences by providing love and companionship. As a parent, and the [...]

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Ways to Treat and Prevent Head Lice

Head lice are an unfortunate reality that an estimated six to twelve million children and their families have to deal with annually, so chances are that your family will deal with a head-lice scare at least once in during their childhood. Although nobody likes the thought of insects crawling around on their child’s head, lice [...]

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Understanding Your Child’s Affection

You may be familiar with the popular concept of The Five Love Languages as outlined by Doctor Gary Chapman. Often we’re aware that our partners’ or friends’ love languages may be different than our own and that we must modify our communication to express our feelings. But our children also show and receive affection based [...]

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day of Child Care

Let’s be honest, starting anything new can be provoke anxiety regardless of how old you are. The first day at a child care centre can be exciting and anxiety-inducing all at the same time. While it can be an exciting time for your child as they get to go off and make new friends and [...]

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6 Ways to Encourage Long-lasting Friendships in Childhood

Regardless of how old you are, making friends is an important aspect of life. Friendships help children learn the social constructs of their culture, how to interact with others, manage conflict, and reconcile differences. Friendships that are based on mutual respect, kindness, and caring for one another are priceless and can be challenging to keep [...]

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