6 Ways to Encourage Long-lasting Friendships in Childhood

Regardless of how old you are, making friends is an important aspect of life. Friendships help children learn the social constructs of their culture, how to interact with others, manage conflict, and reconcile differences. Friendships that are based on mutual respect, kindness, and caring for one another are priceless and can be challenging to keep [...]

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5 Ideas for Making Healthy School Lunches

Feeding your child a healthy lunch at school is important as it will help them be successful in their studies. Packing your child a nutritious meal that offers the necessary daily food group categories can help your child focus on their lessons as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many parents do not realise that [...]

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How Parents Can Promote Responsible Device Use

With advancements in technology, it is easier than ever before to get access to an electronic device such as an iPad, Kindle, smartphone, or tablet. Because the accessibility to these products are abundant, it is not unlikely for a parent to allow their child to use a device. In fact, there are many great learning [...]

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Suggestions and Recipes for Adding More Veggies to Your Kid’s Diet

When you have a picky eater, the challenge is getting them to try the food before deciding they don’t like it. These recipe ideas include ways to ‘hide’ vegetables in popular dishes that your kids will eat and also includes some side dish suggestions for masking the flavour of plain veggies. Helpful tips for dealing [...]

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The Importance of Introducing a Wide Variety of Foods at a Young Age

As parents of young ones, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of daily life and routine, especially when it comes to grocery shopping and meal prepping. There’s no doubt you want the best for your child so they’ll grow up happy and healthy. Mealtimes with small children are fun, sometimes challenging, and [...]

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Why Young Children Need Creative Outlets

Creative expression is rightfully associated with the visual and performing arts, but it can be any constructive activity that offers someone the opportunity for personal exploration and inspiration. Creativity goes hand-in-hand with imagination and, for kids, the best time to discover their talents and how to express them is when they’re very young. Kinds of [...]

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8 Ways to Promote Literacy Skills that Encourage Your Child to Love Reading

Did you know that there are more literate people in the world today than at any other time in history?  As of 2016, it’s estimated that only one in eight persons over fifteen years is unable to read and write.  Despite such an impressive boost in global literacy rates, reading for pleasure continues to decline [...]

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5 Ways To Encourage Early Learning When You Travel

If you travel often, leaving your children behind may not always be in their best interests. When raising children, it is important to encourage a global mindset, especially for those parents who are inherently more worldly. Bringing children on trips across the globe can be extremely tedious as they may not be as intellectually inclined [...]

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How to Encourage Kindness and Promote Teamwork

Every parent hopes to send their child out into the world with the skills and knowledge to be a successful, well-adjusted individual.  To achieve this, that individual must be taught compassion and cooperation. The best time to learn these skills is during childhood when children are naturally driven to seek approval from their parents and [...]

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5 Helpful Books For Challenging Circumstances

As a parent, managing your first child can unravel many surprises. You might find yourself in predicaments which leave you frustrated and confused - knowing how to handle unwelcome situations might require you to delve into some lengthy research and opinions from the experts. From diet, to sleep scheduling and education, to rule enforcements, these [...]

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