As your child gets older, their birthday parties can start to blur together if you continue to incorporate the same-old-same party elements: birthday cake, party favours, piñata, et cetera.

But perhaps you’re looking to do something a little different this year?

If you want to create a memorable birthday party experience for your child, then look no further!

Here are 6 unique birthday party ideas that will make this year’s birthday party one that your child is sure to remember for years to come.

1. Plan a vintage car or airplane themed party

Does your child love planes, trains, and cars?

If so, then throw them a party themed after their favourite vehicle! In addition to being a theme that your child will absolutely love, you will also be able to plan unique party activities that fit perfectly with the theme.

For an airplane-themed party, buy brightly coloured thick paper, stickers, and ribbons and host a paper airplane making activity! Your child’s friends can build and decorate their very own unique airplane. For an added competitive element you could also see which one flies the farthest.

For a race car themed party, you could purchase boxcar making kits and paints so that each child can assemble and decorate a race car of their very own. You could also build tracks that they can race their cars along. Your child could even help you build them!

2. Host the party at a putt putt golf course

Creating a golf-themed “par-tee” for your child will be enjoyable for children and parents alike.

Putt putt golf is simple enough for even young children to play, and many courses have birthday party packages that parents can take advantage of.

There are also plenty of fun golf-themed birthday treats that you can make for the party, including these fun golf ball cake pops!

Best of all, setup and cleanup is a breeze. The putt putt course provides the majority of ambiance and decoration, so you only need to bring enough to add some festivity to a picnic table where the children can eat birthday treats and open gifts.

3. Throw a tie-dye extravaganza

Decorating in bright, bold colours for a tie dye party will turn your home (or backyard) into the perfect backdrop for fun party photos, and your child and their guests will love to create their own tie dyed party favours as souvenirs.

Here are just a few things that the children could decorate at your tie dye party:

  • Plain white t.shirts
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Pillowcases
  • Embroidery hoop wall art (see instructions here)

The rest of the party favours are easy – just give each guest their own plastic apron and some additional painting supplies so that they can embellish their creations once they are dry!

4. Rent out a pottery studio

Your child will love getting in touch with their inner artist at a pottery studio birthday party!

Most pottery studios offer group party packages, allowing parents to rent out the space to host a gathering of friends and family. As the party planner, this means that all that you are responsible for bringing are any decorations and additional party favours that you wish to have for the party.

As a part of the package each guest is allowed to choose one unpainted, unglazed ceramic item (figurines, ornaments, mugs, small bowls, etc) to paint. They then get to choose their own colours and designs to decorate whatever piece they’ve selected. Once the painting is complete, the items are left in the studio to be fired and glazed, and they are ready to be picked up in a few days. Each child gets to keep whatever item they selected!

As an added bonus, many studios also provide a “birthday plate” for the guest of honour, which all of the party guests are able to decorate and sign for your child to keep.

5. Create a laboratory for your little mad scientist

If your child loves science, then they will love a mad scientist theme birthday party!

Provide each guest with a lab coat, safety glasses, and an ID badge that they can fill out with their very own scientist extraordinaire alter ego.

You can create a science theme even for the party snacks. For example:

  • Add “toxic” and “radioactive” stickers to water bottles
  • Allow guests to create their own “ice cream sundae potion”
  • Fill test tubes with candy.

Perhaps the most fun part of throwing a mad scientist party for your child is that you can design experiments for the guests to enjoy!

Not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Give each child a package of Mentos and a litre of Diet Coke; simply combine the two to create a geyser! (This particular activity is not recommended for indoor parties.)
  • Combine baking soda and vinegar in a balloon, shake it up, and watch it fill with air from the ensuing chemical reaction
  • Let each each child create their own erupting volcano that they can take home with them at the end of the party

These are just a few examples of experiments that you could include in your child’s party. There are plenty of other ideas that are just as inexpensive and that all of your guests will enjoy. These activities are recommended for children over the age of six, so if you have younger children or guests you may prefer to stick to simpler experiments.

6. Go on a “camping trip”

If your child’s friends are permitted to stay overnight, you could create a campground right in your own backyard for a unique sleepover party!

If you have a tent large enough for all of your child’s guests, then they could share a single tent. Otherwise you could recruit a parent or two to pitch in their own family tent to create a community camping environment.

One of the best things about hosting a camping sleepover party is that they are incredibly easy to plan. The guests can watch as you cook their hot dogs and baked beans over the campfire (or fire pit) for dinner, and you can serve typical camping side dishes such as potato chips. For dessert the children can enjoy watching their own s’mores get made.

As the night goes on, this children can take turns telling scary stories around the campfire, and as the sun goes down they can look up at the stars.

And best of all?  They can have a memorable camping adventure right in the safety of your backyard!

There are countless themes that you could employ to throw your child a birthday party: princesses, dragons, magic, the circus, or any of their other many interests. As long as your child is surrounded by their friends and family, they are sure to have a fantastic time!

Each of these party themes incorporates hands-on opportunities for your child to learn about something new, improve their motor skills, or pique their curiosity. At Harmony we believe that this sort of immersive learning is crucial to your child’s growth, and we incorporate similar practices into our vision for their development.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about the “Harmony Difference” and to see if our child care centre is right for your family!