Our Vision

A Journey into the Hearts and Minds of Children
‘Our Life is an Echo of our Spirit Today, of our Essence Tomorrow, and where we will be for Eternity’
-Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Our vision is to nurture the development that allows every child to grow into whoever they were born to be and discover their unlimited potential.

We aspire to:

  • Provide an atmosphere that awakens the love of learning
  • Nurture a sense of wonder and uplift the spirit of human imagination
  • Follow a holistic approach encompassing a connection of mind, body and spirit
  • Cultivate a child’s self-awareness of their body, feelings, thoughts and attitudes
  • Support the discovery of each child’s unique personality
  • Foster hope and wonder through an understanding and respect for the natural environment
  • Endorse sustainable practices to nurture children’s understanding about their responsibility to care for the environment
  • Engage and uphold the values on which Harmony was founded

With our extensive experience in childhood development, we understand that providing a nurturing environment for children is vital to their learning experience.

Our Values

Our values are embedded into everything we do – with every child. In addition to believing these values, we aim to live them out every day at Harmony.

  • We believe all learning is integrated and interconnected
  • We value and respect individual differences and cultural diversity
  • We believe each child experiences alternating phases during their development
  • We see value in adapting the learning environment to each child’s developmental stage
  • We respect many paths of learning and value them all
  • We encourage the true nature of a holistic perspective of learning
  • We allow children to take initiative and experience freedom while playing
  • We discover and observe the living beauty of childhood imagination

These values are integrated into our high quality educational programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and emergent curriculum play-based learning.

Educator Companionship

Our belief is that children and their teachers are companions on the beautiful and awe-inspiring journey of childhood.

By encouraging and practicing mindfulness, our teachers awake a child’s motivation from within to engage their unique personal development. Our teachers consciously take the time to help children feel noticed, heard, understood and to participate in any decision-making relating to issues that affect their lives.

It is our wish for all children to develop a compassionate, responsible and peaceful approach to solving life problems. Through offering rich experiences of genuine significance, we hope to guide your child to become a confident and active learner while developing autonomy, inter-dependence and resilience.

Parent Relationships

We believe in working together and we encourage parental input and value.

Through conversations that are truthful, gentle and helpful, Harmony educators communicate with families regarding their needs and interests.

We foster effective communication with families through valuing a child’s language, interaction styles and ways of communicating. Through open and honest relationships with families, we promote feelings of belonging and assurance.

Our Nurturing Environment

Our centres are intentionally designed to allow the imaginations of children to flourish. We encourage learning through inspiration, combining nutrition, health, happiness and education.

The remarkable elements of our centres:
  • Naturalistic outdoor playscapes with real grass, sand, hay, vegetable and herb gardens, rocks, mounds, forts and water play
  • Interaction with and care for animals
  • A safe, respectful and compassionate environment that is supportive towards children’s social, emotional and cognitive development
  • An environment that supports and fosters multicultural differences

Early childhood education lays the foundation for your child’s future growth and the discovery of their unlimited potential. We treasure that every child has a unique journey and embracing individuality is what makes Harmony Early Learning Journey so unique.

Harmony Early Learning Journey is privately owned and operated by the founders of Bambini Early Childhood Development.

Give your child the gift of a value-based early learning environment where they can develop into a strong, confident, happy and healthy individual – in both mind and body.

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