Physical Literacy

Healthier, Fitter and Smarter Kids

Our physical literacy program has been developed to inspire your child’s confidence, concentration, social skills and learning ability

What the research is telling us

The research that has been running for over 12 years shows that the children who start to develop physical literacy skills early in life are:


Low risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and some cancers


More energy and physically competent


Better results in reading, writing and maths NAPLAN scores

You can read more about ongoing research in this area by visiting our website or at:

kid stretching

How will it benefit my child?

  • Develops communication skills essential for social and emotional development
  • Improves their problem solving and resilience to meet everyday challenges
  • Improves memory and recall
  • Builds confidence and competence in their own abilities to learn and be challenged
  • Motivates children to explore movement, building physical competence and confidence
  • Improves concentration which supports learning and success
  • Develops your child’s mind and body together to be a happy and healthy person

What does physical literacy mean?

Building physical competence and confidence through activities designed to encourage the enjoyment of being physically active, to be motivated to learn and to understand the importance of being active for life

How does it work?

We have invested with 2 major universities (University of Canberra and Deakin University) to develop the best curriculum to support your child

Kids on tyres

Is there any additional cost?

No, the curriculum and activities are all included in every child’s standard daily fees

How do I enrol my child or find out more?

Simply let our staff know you are interested and they will assist you with the enrolment process.


ACPL and Harmony have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive curriculum that will encourage, motivate and promote your child’s physical, learning, social and emotional skills that will support them throughout their entire life

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