Beautiful Minds Inspired by

Beautiful Environments

Every child’s learning journey deserves careful and creative cultivation. For us, we
believe it all starts with the right environment.

We differentiate ourselves from other early learning centres through our holistic approach to your child’s learning environment and journey, and an appreciation of their individuality.
Working closely with your family, we treat your child as competent and capable individuals and provide them with the place to build their confidence and abilities as learners.
Read more about our vision and values here.

The key elements of ‘Our learning approach’

Chef prepared meals

Wholesome, nutritious meals prepared by our chefs daily.

Home to Harmony

Nappies, linen, hats, meals and yoga all included for your convenience.

Active Early Learning

Active design spaces promote physical activity, boost self esteem and academic performance.

Learning Journeys

Studios tailored to support your child’s journey at every stage.

Birth to twos

Twos to threes

Threes, fours and fives

Connection to nature

More green spaces to connect your child with nature, encourage physical activity and support their mental health and wellbeing.

The Harmony Difference

At Harmony, we believe that creating the right environment for play and learning is vital to every child’s early learning journey. Our focus on ‘space’ and our holistic approach to early learning and development is drawn from contemporary educational and human research, and the work of respected international theorists of early childhood. Find out more about what makes us different here.


Find a centre near you

Our centres are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and educators who are highly qualified and devoted to helping young minds learn and grow.

Book a tour at your
local Harmony centre

Talk with our educators about how we can assist your child transition from home to Harmony each morning. Contact your local Harmony centre to book a tour.


Join our Harmony community

Daniella S

Our family appreciates the easy, quick, and warm contact made with parents and family members – this is not always a given at other centres, but is of absolute highest importance. We love that ALL staff know our kids and care for them at all times. We really appreciate the new projects that occur almost weekly, as family involvement really adds to our experience in the year.

Danae E

It’s much easier returning to work when I know my baby is happy and well cared for. She always comes home happy, rested and with a full tummy. We love the updates via Story park. We appreciate the staff being so friendly, obliging and taking a genuine interest in each child. Not having to worry about packing nappies and food is wonderful.

Sarah G

The team spirit between all staff really makes it feel like Summer’s second family. We love the creativity involved in the daily learning activities – they think they’re just playing when actually they’re learning!! Food is amazing and teachers are excellent.


Every day we’re committed to helping your child learn, explore and grow in a peaceful, holistic environment.