Communicating with you as a parent is a non-negotiable for us.

We want you to stay informed during each step of your child’s experiences, especially in regard to their learning, development and special moments.

Storypark is an app that allows you to follow your child’s learning journey and revisit and relive treasured memories at any time. It’s one of many tools we use to document children’s learning and communicate with families.

Never Miss a Thing

With our use of the Storypark app, you’ll be in-the-know about your child’s learning journey. When we document your child’s experiences, you’ll be notified and able to view them right away.

All families at Harmony have access to Storypark. Parents are the administrators of their child’s account and you are able to invite family and friends anywhere in the world (if you wish) to follow, comment and engage in your child’s learning – perfect for families and friends who live overseas.

What we post on Storypark:
  • Learning stories: Photos, videos and audio of your child’s learning and play experiences
  • Group stories: Images and videos of your child’s interaction with other children and educators
  • Special moments: Key moments in your child’s development or fun activities like drawing or gardening
  • Event reminders: Notices about important events at the centre, such as educational sessions

Storypark Features

The Storypark program gives you and your family an easy avenue for staying connected and excited about your child’s learning journey.

As a user-friendly application, Storypark offers:

  • A secure electronic sign-in/sign-out system
  • Parental control of their child’s portfolio
  • Easy conversation and commenting tools
  • Quick visibility of a child’s learning progression
  • Information about learning frameworks
  • Option to invite specialists or aides to your child’s portfolio
  • Compatability with iOS and Android

Storypark enhances parental and family involvement in your child’s learning, because everyone stays up-to-date. The Storypark ePortfolio can be accessed and utilised from birth to school.

Watch Storypark in Action

To see a glimpse of what Storypark is like:

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