The Harmony Difference

At Harmony, we celebrate who your child is today and support them on their journey to the person they will become.

Our big difference

Our holistic approach to early learning and development is drawn from contemporary educational and human research, and the work of respected international theorists of early childhood. This foundational knowledge supports our qualified educators and teachers in creating environments which enable exceptional learning and development opportunities.

Your child is considered a confident and capable member of our learning community. We recognise and respond to their individual learning dispositions and their ability to contribute to their own and others’ learning. We support each child’s specific learning styles and ensure your child’s learning journey is unique.

We understand the importance of a sustainable teaching and learning environment which brings heightened opportunities for children to develop an understanding of, and care and respect for, our world. We achieve this through offering active exploration and purposeful play within our natural and built spaces, and with the choice of materials and resources.

Parent partnerships

We believe in working together to realise a family’s needs and interests. We encourage and value parental input through conversations which are truthful, gentle and helpful to promote feelings of belonging and assurance.

Our nurturing environment

Our centres are intentionally designed to allow the imaginations of children to flourish. We encourage learning through inspiration, combining nutrition, health, happiness and education.

All Harmony centres offer naturalistic outdoor playscapes with real grass, sand, hay, vegetable and herb gardens, and interaction with and care for animals.

Early childhood education lays the foundation for your child’s future growth. We appreciate every child has a unique journey and embracing individuality is what distinguishes Harmony Early Education.


Harmony views children and their teachers as companions in the early childhood journey. We believe in offering rich experiences, guiding your child to become a confident and active learner while developing their autonomy, inter-dependence and resilience.

Our teachers consciously take the time to help children feel noticed, heard, understood and to participate in any decision-making relating to issues which affect their lives.

It is our wish for all children to develop a compassionate, responsible and peaceful approach to solving life problems.
Harmony Early Education is privately owned and operated by the founders of Bambini Early Childhood Development.

Our image of a child

We view children as competent and capable citizens, assisting to develop autonomy, confidence, self-esteem, self-regulation, self-assessment and the active participation in their learning. It also influences the way we describe children and their learning to each other and families.

We use our image of a child to support:

  • the words we use and how they look like in practice
  • our structure of the environment
  • the kinds of questions we ask
  • presentation of learning experiences
  • the decisions about our ‘curriculum’
  • children’s role in their own learning
  • Adult’s role in children’s learning
  • Sharing our teaching and learning through documentation

Our commitment to quality

Every one of our educators is committed to the provision of the highest quality early childhood learning service. As a group, our focus on core aspects of quality provide a benchmark for practice in our early learning centres. We offer a strong foundation for organisational decision-making and a joint call to action in advocating for the importance of the first five years.

All Harmony Centres comply with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and National Quality Framework (NQF).

Aligning to Australia’s standards and frameworks

All Harmony centres comply and align with national and state standards and frameworks that guide both early childhood settings and kindergarten learning. As required, we use the Early Years Learning Framework ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming’, Queensland’s Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and Victoria’s Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

To speak to one of our educators about how these frameworks and guidelines support your child’s learning please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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