We are here to support you the Harmony way

At Harmony Early Learning Journey we spread kindness every day.

Our contemporary early learning services offer a holistic approach to early education and care. We collaborate and support each child and family with extensive research supported by the work of renowned early child development theorists.

Our services are welcoming children now, encouraging them to understand their self-identity while nurturing a sense of safety, security and belonging in their environment.

Harmony is here for you now and in the future. We are open, safe, healthy and learning.

We are secure, supported and still learning through COVID-19

Children learn in all moments and environments. We are working hard to keep our community safe while strengthening our partnerships with children and families to learn more about each other’s worlds. Child-centred learning is at the core of everything we do.

During this challenging time, our teams and educators continue to engage in daily routines, rituals, rhythms and learning programs. Their consistency nurtures children’s confidence, security and trust and creates a sense of safety.

Harmony is committed to practising exceptional safety and hygiene standards every-day. We have taken additional steps to mitigate infection by undertaking additional COVID-19 infection control training with the Australian Government Department of Health.

How Harmony is keeping you safe

While we have postponed centre tours, external visitors, incursions and excursions, our educators continue to implement rich learning programs and experiences for children in our care. Ensuring rich and engaging experiences, discussions, and positive learning moments are among our key priorities.

We have also taken additional measures to introduce specific COVID-19 related health and safety procedures to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Extensive cleaning of entrances and exits including wiping down with antibacterial wipes or hospital-grade cleaning solutions all internal and external door handles, service lift buttons and pool gate areas in high traffic areas every 20 minutes during peak times
  • Enhanced cleaning of all common digital touchpoints including the disinfecting and wiping down of iPads, kiosk and finger scanners during peak drop-off and pick-up periods
  • Extra hand sanitiser stations across the service
  • Daily replenishment of all hygiene products including soap, tissues, paper towel and hand sanitiser
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and removal of waste from all environments
  • Updated handwashing and hygiene practices and policies

Our commitment: The Harmony way

Harmony is committed to ensuring that we continue to keep all our families updated with communication on the latest COVID-19 information.

Our centres have also introduced specific policies and procedures to limit the spread of infection. All children, families and staff members presenting with influenza or COVID-19 like symptoms are to immediately seek medical advice before re-entering our services.

At Harmony, we are always providing personal support and reassurance to our families and children. You can keep up-to-date with our family communications and letters through Storypark, emails and conversations.

Spreading kindness to support our families

Harmony embraces the little things in life that help to spread kindness and compassion for others. The Child Mind Institute tells us to also practise self-compassion by having realistic expectations, forgiving ourselves and reminding ourselves that we’re doing our best.

Harmony is open, safe and welcoming existing families, as well as new families seeking places for their children in the future.

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