Our birth to two year olds

Infants begin to absorb the wonder and complexity of the world around them. They are naturally curious explorers as they observe, listen, investigate and learn.

At Harmony, we’re committed to providing our youngest children with a safe and stimulating environment for their holistic growth, development and sense of belonging, supported by our specialist educators.

Nursery (birth-two years)

Our early childhood educators welcome each new infant with respect and anticipation. They take the time to learn about your child through careful observation and through daily communication with families to understand their unique requirements and routines.

“What infants need is the opportunity and time to take in and figure out the world around them.” – Magda Gerber

A Harmony day for our youngest children

TimeBirth – two years
6.30amChildren and parents welcomed
Breakfast is served
6.30am-9.00amFree movement
Indoor/outdoor experiences
9:00amMorning meeting
9.30 am-11.30amFree movement
Sensory experiences
Exploration of natural world
2.00pm – 3.00pmChild interest led indoor experiences
3.00 pmAfternoon tea
3.30pm-6.30pmFree movement
Indoor/outdoor experiences
Late snack provided

In our studios, especially designed for children birth -two years, we draw upon these key concepts:

  • Free movement: We believe in Emmi Pickler’s philosophy, “Babies are allowed to move naturally and spontaneously follow their own developmental timetable.” Environments at Harmony are designed to invite children’s free movement and we encourage the infants to reach out, roll, crawl and cruise in order to develop their core muscles which supports them to become independently mobile.
  • Baby led weaning: We invite children to feed themselves from the time they commence solids, following the infant’s lead. We provide a healthy, balanced mix of finger foods and support the child to monitor how much they wish to eat. Educators are always sitting and engaging with the child during mealtimes.
  • Individualised care moments: Educators remain ‘present’ during nappy change times and communicate respectfully with children. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber believe caregivers need to take the time to make nappy-changing, feeding, bathing and dressing an unhurried, relaxed and pleasant quality time – with the baby being an active partner.
  • Exploratory times: Each day children at Harmony have uninterrupted time for play and interaction. Crawling and walking infants are invited to freely explore our indoor and outdoor areas and gardens, interacting with nature, each other, and the world around them. Non-mobile infants are supported by our educators.


We understand healthy foods and drinks impact the growth and wellbeing of your child. We’re committed to providing wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals every day. We also fully support mothers who breastfeed – you’re most welcome to come into your child’s studio to feed at any time.

Learn more about our nutrition philosophy and meals plans on our Nutrition Page.

Parent communication

Communication with parents and families is especially important to Harmony learning. We are always open to learning more about your child’s requirements, along with any feedback you have about the centre. You can contact us anytime here.

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