Preschool and kindergarten are phenomenal periods of learning, growth and exploration. These years are paramount in preparing your child for school and for life.

With our early learning philosophy of fostering a child’s development through experiences, we expose pre-kindy children to abundant learning opportunities involving nature, literacy, numeracy, emotional development, social engagement, confidence-building and so much more.

Pre School / Kindergarten (3-5 years)

Our early childhood educators are dedicated to preparing your child for the ever-changing nature of our world. We know that they need a wide range of skills and a solid sense of self before their school years.

That’s why we offer an environment that helps them flourish, so they enter the coming years with confidence and creativity. And we constantly communicate with you to make changes along the way.

In our studios for children 3-5 years, we utilise these key concepts:

  • Rest Times: Your child is supported to go to sleep or rest unaided by educators to encourage independence. If your child does not require a rest of sleep during their day, they will have alternative quiet time learning experiences set up and offered to them.
  • Group Times: Group times are scheduled into the daily rituals and consist of one or more of the following: music, dance, storytelling, puppets and show and tell to name a few. Your child will be encouraged to contribute to the agenda of any planned group time, promoting leadership skills and confidence. Feel at peace knowing your child will not be forced to join in with group times but will always be invited.
  • Meal Times: Children have access to real crockery and use of real utensils. They will be provided the opportunity to serve themselves their portion of the meal. Educators sit at the table alongside children to support this social experience.
  • Creative Experiences: We encourage and invite children to engage in a selection of art resources, colours, utensils and mediums each day. They have access to these at all times to express themselves and explore their surroundings hands-on.
  • Exploratory Times: Each day children are given uninterrupted time for play and interaction. Children at Harmony freely explore our outdoor areas and gardens, interacting with nature, each other and the world around them.

A Typical Day

Time Pre-Kindy (3-5 years)
6.30am Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is served
6.30am-9.00am Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
+ Free Play
9:00am Morning tea
Sleep time
9.30 am-11.30am Kindergarten/School Readiness Program
Literacy, numeracy
Creative Arts
Science + Natural World
Small + Large Group Experiences
Physical Development
Community + Culture
11.30am Lunch
Sleep time
12.00pm-2.00pm Sleep/Rest/Relaxation
2.00pm – 3.00pm Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
3.30pm-6.30pm Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
Late Snack provided

A Seamless Transition

Feel confident with your child being in the safest of hands – the hands of those who deeply care about your child’s wellbeing, happiness and natural learning. Know each day that your child is learning and growing in a peaceful, holistic environment.

We take special care at Harmony with each new child by creating an environment that is tailored to them. We also open our doors if you wish to visit during the day.

Daily Rituals

Each of our studios incorporate daily rituals such as meal times, toileting, rest and group time into their programming. The most important practice being that rituals throughout the day are calm, unrushed and respectful for all children.

Each studio embraces the individuality of each child within their care. Daily rituals will look different from studio to studio and across different age groups and Centres. Please speak with your child’s educators and view the studio routine displayed in each studio.


We believe that healthy foods and drinks impact the growth and wellbeing of your child. We are committed to providing wholesome, nutritious, balanced meals each and every day.

You can learn more about our nutrition philosophy and meals plans on our Nutrition Page.

Parent Communication

Communication with parents and families is especially important when it comes to children ages 3-5. We are always open to learning more about your child’s needs and desires, along with any feedback you have about the centre.

We also use an application called Storypark which allows you to stay up-to-date on all the happenings with your child at the centre. With Storypark, you’ll never have to miss a thing.

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