5 Extremely Helpful Web Resources for Parents

5 Extremely Helpful Web Resources for Parents

If you are raising your first child, then you know that every day is a new challenge with completely uncharted and unfamiliar territory. If you’re raising a whole tribe of little ones, then you know that just because you’ve raised one child doesn’t mean that you have the textbook to raising them all.

Being a parent is full of unique challenges every day, from helping your child get over their first cold to learning how to plan holidays for an entire family instead of just yourself and your partner. Luckily there are plenty of resources at your disposal that can help you to navigate every day with (relative) ease.

Harmony’s blog is certainly a fantastic resource, as are our childcare providers who are always available to lend you their expertise in whatever way that they can. (Check out our article on planning a relaxing family holiday!) Here are 5 other extremely helpful web resources for parents:

1. RaisingChildren

RaisingChildren is an all-purpose parenting resource for Australian parents. It contains resources for children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers, on many topics:

  • Behaviour
  • Connecting and communicating
  • Development
  • Health & daily care
  • Nutrition
  • Play & learning
  • Safety
  • Sleep

In addition to these standard childcare topics, RaisingChildren also contains articles and advice regarding raising a child with a disability, practicing self-care and family management, and even the various stages of pregnancy.

The RaisingChildren website has a feature called “My Neighbourhood” that you can use to look up activities, schools, playgrounds, and specific therapists or specialists near you. Simply entering your neighborhood into an interactive map and selecting what types of locations you would like to see.

The website also offers other interactive tools such as a guide to talking with your teenager or forums that allow you to connect with other parents throughout Australia.  Overall, RaisingChildren is a fantastic all-purpose resource that you can use  to get general information on a wide variety of relevant topics.

2. BubHub

Designed for parents who are either expecting or plan to be, BubHub is one of Australia’s most trusted resources for pregnancy and early childhood care.

You can begin using BubHub before you even become pregnant, and continue to use it all the way through your child’s toddler years. BubHub is fully stocked with tools, calendars, and resources to support you throughout your journey to becoming a parent.

  • You can sign up to receive a weekly pregnancy email from BubHub. The weekly emails provide a plethora of useful information, including changes that you can expect throughout your pregnancy and important nutrition and lifestyle tips to ensure that your little one stays happy and healthy.
  • BubHub offers online pregnancy and parenting programs that can help soon-to-be parents feel more prepared. Both are online courses.  If you’re an expectant mothers who is pregnant for the first time, you can enroll in the “Pregnancy Insider Program” which provides a host of useful information and health tips to help you feel confident throughout your pregnancy. As you approach your third trimester, you can enrol in the “Ready for Baby Blueprint” course that will help you to stay on top of the many practical things that you need to do before your baby arrives.
  • Each category of information is broken out into “hubs” by topic.  Hubs range from preemie care to toilet training to kids parties to travel tips.

The amount of information contained in BubHub is substantial, but the website is well-organised and easy to use. Though the site does target pregnancy and early childhood care, it also contains resources for parents (such as family meal planning and back to school) and older children.

3. NappyOnline

NappyOnline is exactly what it sounds like: an online forum that allows mothers to buy nappies in bulk. Babies go through countless diapers each week, and if you have older children in the house as well then it can be hard to find the time to constantly replenish your stock. In addition to buying nappies in bulk, you can also use NappyOnline to search for and purchase other toys and nursery items and to create a baby registry for yourself or an expecting friend or family member.

4. TravelingMom

The experts at TravelingMom know that planning family holidays can be a hassle. The memories that you will make as a family make the planning process well worth it, but this website is a fantastic resource to help the process a little bit easier.

TravelingMom has tips for whatever type of trip you’re planning, and for every kind of family.  Planning a trip on a budget? Traveling with twins, or teenagers? Taking a family holiday as a solo parent? You can find advice for every situation on this website.

But TravelingMom is not just an advice forum. You can find all kinds of helpful tips and tricks to help you plan your next family holiday:

  • Printable colouring pages to make traveling with a small child, either by plane or by car, a little bit easier
  • Product reviews for products that other traveling moms swear by, from technology to strollers to luggage
  • Hot travel deals for family-friendly destinations
  • Child-friendly activities at a number of destinations

TravelingMom connects on all of the major social media channels as well, so its resources are at your fingertips wherever you go.

5. Cozi Family Organiser

Cozi is truly all-purpose resource for families around the world. The Cozi Family Organiser is simple and easy to use, and allows you to keep track of family schedules, grocery lists, and task lists accessible wherever you go.

You can use all of its features, or simply choose the handful that are the most helpful to you.  Included in its many features are:

  • A calendar that can be colour-coded by family member, which allows you to set reminders for activities, coordinate after-school schedules, and see the entire family’s weekly schedule at a glance
  • To-do lists that allow you to assign tasks to specific family members or to break tasks out into groups, such as holiday prep or housework
  • Editable grocery and shopping lists

All of Cozi’s features can be accessed from any computer or web-connected device, which means that the entire family can access, edit, and update the lists and calendars relevant to their own schedules.

These resources are some of our favourites. No matter what your family needs, the web is filled with countless resources that you can use to find advice on any topic or to help you plan an (almost) effortless family holiday.

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