Greenslopes’ state of the art child care & kindergarten.

Our brand new, state of the art child care centre in Greenslopes is now open!

Long day care: 6:30am – 6:30pm
Ages: 6 weeks to 5 years
540 Logan Rd Greenslopes QLD 4120


Questions? Give us a call: 1300 427 666

Early Learning tailored to your child.

From 6 weeks old to 5 years old, Harmony Early Learning Journey carves a pathway from early education to schooling success.


0-2 yrs

We are committed to the wellbeing of your baby and foster a sense of home right at our centre. Communicating with you every step of the way, we take special care to ensure your baby has a safe, secure and encouraging environment for their growth and development.


2-3 yrs

We know big changes happen during this time like increased independence and more curious questions. Our educators welcome each toddler with open arms and patience. With your input, we give toddlers an environment to explore and learn at their own pace.

Pre-school / Kindergarten.

3-5 yrs

The pre-school and kindergarten years are critical in preparing your child for school and life. We expose children to abundant learning opportunities involving nature, literacy, numeracy, emotional development, confidence-building, social engagement and more.

Join hundreds of parents who trust Harmony.

Aisea Vaivela 17 days ago

This centre just feels right. The resources are so great and all of the teachers are really nice. It more

Harmony - Braybrook Centre

Katy17 17 days ago

This centre just feels right. The resources are so great and all of the teachers are really nice. It more

Harmony - Braybrook Centre

Allison 17 days ago

This centre just feels right. The resources are so great and all of the teachers are really nice. It more

Harmony - Braybrook Centre

The best environment for your child.

A safe, natural, inspiring, and harmonious environment for children to learn, grow and play. The outdoor environment is to be designed and crafted by the talented team at Eco Playscapes.







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Greenslopes’ centre details.

Centre Facilities

6 large, spacious studios with an abundance of resources
Premium bespoke outdoor play area
Unique, custom designed centre fit out
All meals prepared fresh on site daily
Bedding + linen
Nappies & wipes

Our Studios

Studio Age Range Capacity Educator/Child Ratio
Willow 6 weeks-12 months 16 1:4
Eden 12 months– 2 years 16 1:4
Sage 15 months – 2 years 20 1:4
Luna 2-3 years 20 1:5
Aura 3-4 years 22  1:11
Echo 4-5 years 22   1:11

Community Involvement

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A Typical Day At Harmony Greenslopes

Time Nursery (0-2 years) Toddlers (2-3 years) Kindergarten (3-5 years)
6.30am Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is served Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is served Children + Parents Welcomed, Breakfast is served
6.30am-9.00am Free Movement
Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
+ Free Play
Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
+ Free Play
Indoor/Outdoor Experiences
+ Free Play
9:00am Morning tea Morning tea Morning tea
9.30 am-11.30am Nursery Program
Free Movement
Sensory Experiences
Exploration of Natural World
Toddlers Program
Creative experiences
Peer Interactions (small + large)
Literacy + Numeracy
Music + Movement
Kindergarten/School Readiness Program
Literacy, numeracy
Creative Arts
Science + Natural World
Small + Large Group Experiences
Physical Development
Community + Culture
11.30am Lunch Lunch Lunch
12.00pm-2.00pm Sleep/Rest/Relaxation Sleep/Rest/Relaxation Sleep/Rest/Relaxation
2.00pm – 3.00pm Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences Child Interest Led Indoor Experiences
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
3.30pm-6.30pm Free Movement
Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
Late Snack provided
Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
Late Snack provided
Outdoor Experiences + Free Play
Late Snack provided

Note: Children in the nursery are provided opportunity to rest and sleep in our climate/light controlled sleep studio. Calming music is played softly throughout the day to ease your child into relaxation and restful sleep.

Greenslopes Floor Plans

We’re not just a daycare.

Built on the Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) philosophy – based on the respectful practices and life works of renowned childcare educator, Magda Gerber and researcher and pediatrician, Dr Emmi Pikler. Essentially a philosophy that empowers children to be competent and confident in their bodies and abilities.”allows children to solve problems without interference”.


RIE philosophy focuses on the holistic learning and development of children. We create a calm and peaceful place for you child to build confidence in themselves and their abilities.


We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning which will make the perfect environment for your child's growth.


Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with everything your child may need, including daily necessities like nappies, wipes, bedding and all meals, included in the fees.

All Harmony Centres comply with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and National Quality Framework (NQF).

What our parents think.

I appreciate the attention to detail with my eldest child’s severe food allergies. Their on-site chef follows his strict diet routine is greatly appreciated. He started there the week they opened and I knew I had been holding out for child care ’till the right centre opened. After 12 months I can safely say I made the right choice. And with my daughter I love all the cuddles and affection she receives. We love harmony!!! See more

It’s much easier returning to work when I know my baby is happy and well cared for. She always comes home happy, rested and with a full tummy. We love the updates via Story park. We appreciate the staff being so friendly, obliging and taking a genuine interest in each child. Not having to worry about packing nappies and food is wonderful. See more

The team spirit between all staff really makes Harmony feel like Summer’s second family. We love the creativity involved in the daily learning activities – they think they’re just playing when actually they’re learning!! See more


Jasmin Graham

Q: How long have you been in the early childhood education industry?

A: 11 years

Q: What are your Qualifications and where did you obtain them from?

A: Diploma from ACEC

Q: What motivated you work in in early childhood education industry?

A: The first five years are the most important developmentally in a person’s life. I wanted to have a positive impact in children’s early years and help create, in partnership with parents, experiences that will help mold a future of lifelong learners.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?

A: The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing the happiness on babies, toddlers and preschoolers faces when they accomplish a milestone in their own time and way.

Cuddles at the end of the day are pretty rewarding too!

Q: What are your goals for the children in your centre/program?

A: My goal for the children who attend Harmony at Greenslopes is for the children to feel safe and secure so they are able to develop at their own pace, in their own way. I want the children to go home happy and happy to come back.

Q: How do you encourage children and families to collaborate and engage in the program?

A: Effective relationships between home and service is fundamental to the quality and care of children. Through respectful, reciprocal relationships with families/children we will create a partnership that will reflect families wishes, culture, beliefs and values. Detailed orientations, feedback, open communication, parent participation in the Centre and Centre decisions will also foster those important relationships and engagement in the program.

Q: Current concepts/teaching strategies you are exploring?

A: I am still on a wonderful journey exploring RIE and how to create meaningful and authentic environments that will allow children to creatively engage but not overwhelm.

Harmony Greenslopes’ inspiring educators

Our educators are highly qualified, devoted and recognise and enjoy the responsibility they have in helping young minds grow and learn.



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Kayleigh Downes

Read the story

Cindy Richter

Read the story

Healthy food.

A healthy, nutritious diet is essential to children’s development. That’s why we employ a chef to prepare nutritionally balanced healthy food.

Unique curriculum.

We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which forms the basis for our unique curriculum.

Keeping active.

At Harmony, we engage children in Australia’s leading multi-sport program for children aged 2.5-6 years – Ready Steady Go Kids.


StoryPark is an individual online learning portfolio that each child receives on commencement with us, which allows families to be more involved in their child’s day and share in their journey.

Watch Storypark in action!

Child care rebate.

Our centre is Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) approved.

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Same price for all age groups.

$110 /day
Before childcare subsidies are applied.
What’s included

All meals. Wholesome, tasty and rich in nutrients.

Nappies, wipes and bedding.

An interactive educational environment where children can play, explore and discover the natural world.

Parent communication app that establishes a strong communication between our centre and your home.

A naturalistic outdoor play space.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A. Our Centre is scheduled to open mid 2017. Our proposed hours are 6:30am to 6:30pm and we will be open 52 weeks of the year, closed only on public holidays.

Q. Are you Child Care Benefit/Child Care Rebate approved?

A. Yes we are! To aid in the payment of childcare fees, the Department of Human Services has provided access to Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate for eligible families. Parents, please note it is your responsibility to apply for these schemes with the Family Assistance Office on 136 150. Once CCB/CCR is approved, you will need to provide the Centre with your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and date of birth (DOB) along with your child’s CRN and DOB so a formal enrolment can be made. Your benefit/rebate will then be subtracted from the full fees owing, leaving a gap fee which is the amount families pay to the Centre, meaning less out of pocket expense.

For further information:

Q. When are my fees payable?

A. Fees are payable on the Friday of your child’s first week of care via Ezidebit. Fees are payable one week in advance so in your child’s first week of care, two weeks fees with be debited.

Q. Can my child and I have an orientation before commencing care?

A. Yes you are more than welcome to orientate you child to our Greenslopes Centre. Once open, the Centre Manager will be booking orientation sessions at no charge however all enrolment documents must be returned and parents must stay on the premises.

Q. Do you have a minimum number of days my child has to attend?

A. Yes, we recommend a minimum of 2 days as we believe your child will benefit from building strong trusting relationships with their educators and peers and settle in more quickly the more frequently they attend.

Q. What do I need to bring on my child’s first day?

A. You only need bring a spare change of clothing and a water bottle for you child as we supply all meals, nappies, sunhat and bedding. For families who have littles ones in the nursery please bring bottles and formula/breast milk, if a comforter such as pacifiers, blanket or soft toys is required please feel free to bring this along too.

Q. Can I please come in for a tour before deciding whether we enrol our child?

A. Prior to opening we will be holding an open day which will be your first opportunity to meet the wonderful team and view our state of the art facilities. Please follow us on Facebook or call our friendly team on 1300 HARMONY to join our waitlist to receive the latest updates and an invitation to our open day.

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