We Practice the Art of Mindful Eating
Mealtimes are a relaxed unhurried time with educators and friends, nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned, real plates, glasses and cutlery and most of all the pleasure of eating food.

We are committed to the wellbeing of your child – and that starts with nutrition.

We believe healthy food, drinks and habits greatly impact the learning and growth of your child.

That’s why we provide nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our on-site chef. Each day we prepare fresh, wholesome meals that will help your child be at their very best.

Menu Development

Harmony Early Learning Journey collaborated with Dr. Cris Beer to design our bi-weekly seasonal menus.

Dr Cris Beer is a holistic medical doctor, author, corporate speaker, and media doctor who specialises in nutritional medicine. She works with families from the perspective of attaining optimal health by promoting and encouraging better lifestyle choices. She was the health consultant for The Biggest Loser retreat and has worked closely alongside Griffith University’s School of Nutrition & Dietetics. Her first book Healthy Habits continues to be a popular choice for individuals and families across the globe looking to improve their health. Dr Cris lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and two small children.

Sample Menu

Day Morning Tea Lunch Afternoon Tea
Monday Food: Berry Smoothie & Muesli SliceDrink: Milk or Water Food: Pesto Pasta SaladDrink: Water Food: Tahini BarsDrink: Milk or Water
Tuesday Food: Fruit SkewersDrink: Milk or Water Food: Homemade BurgersDrink: Water Food: Berry PopsDrink: Milk or Water
Wednesday Food: Rice PuddingDrink: Milk or Water Food: Rainbow Coleslaw with Tahini DressingDrink: Water Food: Banana BreadDrink: Milk or Water
Thursday Food: Apple Slices with Tahini & SultanasDrink: Milk or Water Food: Jacket Potatoes with Apple SlawDrink: Water Food: Veggie Sticks & Rice Crackers with HummusDrink: Milk or Water
Friday Food: Fresh Oat CookiesDrink: Milk or Water Food: Hawaiian Chicken Skewers with Coconut RiceDrink: Water Food: Warm Apple CrumbleDrink: Milk or Water

We display all menus on the kitchen noticeboard, which show the array of important dietary nutrients needed for a healthy daily balanced diet. We closely follow the Nutrition Australia National guidelines and recommendations.

With our premium meal plans, we provide the following:
  • Nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our quality chef
  • Wholesome, tasty ingredients rich in nutrients
  • Vegetables and fruit, yoghurt, mash and lunch tailored to the individual needs of each child
  • Menus developed by Dr. Cris Beer that meet a significant amount of a child’s daily nutritional requirements

Our centres allow the imagination of your child to flourish through inspiration. We combine nutrition, health, happiness and education into an atmosphere centered on your child’s holistic wellbeing.

Children learn from others about food preferences, nutrition and how to eat.

Promoting healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes toward food is shared by children and staff. We create a pleasant, culturally appropriate atmosphere for children at mealtimes that encourage social interaction and learning.


Mealtimes at Harmony:
  • Are relaxed and supervised to encourage healthy eating practices
  • Include a range of textures and tastes appropriate to the developmental stages of different age groups
  • Offer a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, yoghurts and cheese
  • Children are encouraged to drink water and milk throughout the day

Communication and transparency are important to us. We invite parents to provide feedback and/or suggestions on menus and food.

Allergies and Accommodations

Traces of nuts may be highly dangerous to children who are allergic to them. Because of this, Harmony is a ‘NUT FREE Zone’. If your child has other food allergies, please share them with us and we will make accommodations. We want your child to feel comfortable and receive the foods that are best for them.

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