How to Address Your Toddler’s Fears

There’s no denying that it’s a big, scary world out there—especially when you’re a toddler. Due to a combination of newly developing imaginations, taking in many brand new situations, and experiencing more sophisticated emotions, fears and phobias are common in toddlers. In fact, in most cases, they’re even considered normal and perfectly healthy. But just [...]


How and When To Talk About Difficult Life Circumstances With Your Child

While you would rather only ever have good news and wonderful events to share with your child, unfortunately that’s not possible. Sometimes you’ll have to share upsetting information as well. Whether it’s the loss of a family pet, the death of a grandparent, an upcoming divorce, or a family move, it can be hard to [...]


A Parent’s Guide to Rotating Your Child’s Toys

When it comes to toys, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. While seemingly endless piles of toys may seem like a recipe for endless fun for your child, the exact opposite can actually be true. Children are highly prone to overstimulation, so too many options can overwhelm your child or even [...]


What to Do If Your Child Is Hitting, Biting or Kicking

Learning how to cope with and help a child who lashes out physically is a task many parents will have to face. Even the best-behaved, gentlest toddler will occasionally act out by biting, hitting, or kicking those around them. After all, children are just learning to regulate and respond to their emotions, so occasional outbursts [...]


How To Keep Your Child Healthy During Flu Season

Many parents are terrified of the flu, and for good reason. It’s hard enough seeing your child sick with anything, but when fever and dehydration come into play, the situation can be dangerous for your little one. Life, however, must go on and as much as we would sometimes like to, we can’t go hide [...]


12 Tips for Socialising Your Shy Child

Shyness is OK! Your child’s shyness may manifest itself in many ways, but the thing that most parents become concerned with when one of their children is shy is their inability to make friends or feel comfortable in social situations. Keep in mind that shyness doesn’t equate social anxiety or social problems, it’s a natural [...]


23 Ways To Instil Appreciation For Nature And The Environment in Your Child

There are multitude of reasons why it’s beneficial for your child to spend time outside. Apart from exercise and fresh air, being outside often allows children to engage in a type of play that allows them to test their own capabilities. Being in nature can help build confidence, promote an active imagination, and provide an [...]


Importance Of Teaching Manners By Example

You are probably already setting examples of good manners for your children without realising it. If your little one hands you a pacifier or food, you may say ‘Thank you.’ You may have your little one assist in cleaning off the highchair after mealtimes. Each of these actions is setting the stage for your child [...]


Puzzles & Games That Teach Logic & Problem Solving

Why teach problem solving skills to youngsters? Logic and problem solving skills are critical for a fulfilling life, both in academics and career, but also for general well-being. Teaching children to be assertive in appropriate ways, negotiate conflict, and how to problem solve can be so much fun as children are often full of creative [...]