Centre Director Balmoral

Hi, I’m Tayla Stavrinoudis

Let me introduce myself…

I’m an educator first and Centre Director second. My family immigrated from Greece to Australia and I’m blessed to call sunny Brisbane home. I’m fascinated by linguistics and customs, probably as a result of my bilingual background. I have a King Charles Cavalier called Buddy and an American Shorthair cat named Aspro. I love a good documentary and learning new concepts. My ideal weekend is spent in the sunshine, swimming and gardening.

Why I’m passionate about early childhood education?

As educators, we empower the next generation to achieve great things. We get the opportunity to provide a framework for children to be kind hearted, compassionate to one another and true to themselves – while questioning and discovering the world. We can guide children as they navigate their own journey of identity and connection.

What I love about Harmony Balmoral?

I love the wholesome community of Balmoral/Bulimba, the community really looks out for one another. Our beautiful service embodies the restored-Queenslander influence and design.

A few of my favourite things

  • Favourite colours – Yellow and earthy tones
  • Favourite animal and why? I love the energy and kind hearts of dogs. I also admire goats for their non-fussed, self-acceptance. Plus, I really like goats’ cheese!
  • What I find funny? I’m extremely ticklish! Pulling funny faces and sarcastic humour make me laugh.

What are my likes and dislikes?


  • Burnt coffee
  • Sheer rudeness and judgement of others


  • The fresh air of the country, going out bush and connecting with the natural worlds
  • Ralph Lauren homewares and op-shopping, discovering eclectic pieces with a ‘one of a kind’ charm.
  • Cooking, experimenting and the history behind a recipe. Vietnamese is my favourite.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child.

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