Centre Director Yarrabilba Drive

Hi, I’m Alice Kamsaengsai

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Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alice Kamsaengsai and I am the Centre Director here at Harmony Yarrabilba Drive. I have been working in the Early Childcare sector for 8 years and hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I am also a mum of two beautiful girls, Vanessa and Madalyn.

Why I’m passionate about early childhood education?

My love for Early Childcare education started in an administration role in a childcare centre in New Zealand. Over time I found myself more involved with the children, families and educators than sitting behind a desk. The meaningful interactions I had with them sparked a love of learning and child development. This led me to completing my studies and perusing a career in education and care here in Australia.
I am wholehearted about leading a team who are enthusiastic, intentional, respectful, and kind and have a genuine love for going the extra mile in making children and their families feel welcomed and appreciated.

What I love about Harmony Yarrabilba Drive?

My values align with Harmony’s principles which will shape what we do here at Yarrabilba Drive. we believe that children are capable, smart, and invaluable. Yarrabilba Drive will be guided by my own love for nurturing children and the valuing quality interactions and relationships. When a family feel valued, heard, and supported, is when I know great things happen.
I have lived in Yarrabilba for 3 years now and I love our evolving community, the diverse cultures and families. We have a strong network of community services, childcare, and schools – I think myself and my family very lucky to be here. Harmony supports upskilling of their people and I am currently working through completing my Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management to further reinforce my leadership skills and support my community. I believe my own life experiences, cultural background and warm and inviting personality will support families and community. I have a natural disposition for encouraging engagement and long-lasting relationships with families and the community.

A few of my favourite things

  • I love the colour pink, and anything sparkly.
  • I am a foodie, so I love discovering new cafes or restaurants to try
  • I enjoy gardening, I find it very therapeutic and taking long scenic trips to somewhere new, I like to think of myself as an adventurer
  • I love a good Op-shop find

What are my likes and dislikes?


  • I do not like big spiders
  • A bad coffee


  • I love family time. I come from a family of 8 and enjoy spending time with them and I especially love to see my daughters spending time with their cousins
  •  Jokes! Dry or not, they all make me laugh

I really look forward to meeting you and your family and getting to know you on your child’s learning journey with us here at Yarrabilba Drive.

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