Our Environments

The core of Harmony is to create beautifully rich aesthetic environments to support children’s learning and evoke wellbeing in a harmonious space.

Environments affect our outlook and how we feel.

The Harmony approach is to create a sanctuary that creatively supports the needs of children, families and educators and inspires dialogue, development and ongoing conversation without compromising aesthetic.

Harmony partners with international experts in playscape and environment design and heavily invests in the professional development of our educators and support teams to maximise the learning experience within the varying spaces.

Harmony educators co-plan activities with children during morning meetings and build on their interests and ideas.

This includes children having a choice of indoor and outdoor learning, collaborative play, projects, investigating topics of interest, imaginative and socio-dramatic creative play, engagement in the arts and more.

Children being active participants in their learning means they make choices and contribute to decisions about learning experiences.

‘Environment is the third teacher’.

We acknowledge the environment as the ‘third teacher’ and provide engaging indoor and outdoor spaces that invite children to participate in different types of play, investigation, and real-life experiences.

Imaginative Design

Harmony’s style is youthful, expressive and fun, evoking warmth through imaginative design with growth, serenity and peacefulness in mind.

Serene indoor environments are clean, uncluttered and organised and feature plush décor, natural timber finishes, vibrant plants, soft ambient lighting, custom-designed wallpaper and rugs; all while speakers filter gentle music throughout the centre.

Design considerations are made from the lens of a child, such as visual satisfaction, play, comfort and function while also ensuring safety, durability and sustainability.

Children are invited to move around and make use of their shared space freely.

Our spaces are largely influenced by an alchemic combination of functionalist and décor resulting in a creative approach to furniture and resource placement and the way children can move through the spaces.

Outdoor Environments

While the indoor aesthetic projects tranquility, our outdoor natural environments are intentionally curated to support wondrous opportunities for creative free play.

Our outdoor spaces offer an abundance of exploration, different activities and create meaningful and lasting nature experiences for children.

Stunning gardens and landscapes are rich with native flora that attracts wonderful local fauna such as birds, butterflies, and native bees.

There are safe climbing and water play areas, outdoor worktables and numerous areas are cultivated with flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

This offers children plenty of places that allows for hands-on sensory play in a fun and spectacular environment.

With the essence of holistic education infused into every aspect of Harmony’s approach to early learning, every child’s journey is nourished by a vibrant foundation of growth, discovery and imagination.


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