Community Involvement

The Best of who we can be Together

Building our Harmony community is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received. Where we’ll find joy, grow the most important ideas, and manifest the best future.

Fostering a community within Harmony is important to us, and so is developing strong connections in the larger community – especially with those in need.

Building Bridges

We believe in stretching outside of ourselves to offer help and lift the spirit of others.

In doing so, we give children rich and meaningful experiences that expand their knowledge of the world and foster spiritual emergence and self-awareness.

When we reach out to those in need, children learn to understand differences. When a child helps and thinks of others, they build their social and values development.

Our Community Projects

While we are always open to new project ideas, we are proud to:
  • Partner with the Wishlist Foundation to raise money in support of local hospitals and health services
  • Offer workshops at the centre for families, involving local community health professionals and child sleep professionals
  • Sponsor kindergarten children from Vietnam through World Vision

Book a tour at your
local Harmony centre

Talk with our educators about how we can assist your child transition from home to Harmony each morning. Contact your local Harmony centre to book a tour.