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We care a lot about what our parents think.

We encourage feedback and suggestions to continually improve our environment for your child.

Below are testimonials our parents have shared about Harmony.

Words from Our Parents

I love the way the educators involve every child and extend on their interests at the same time. Love Storypark, and being able to see what my child has been up to each day.
It’s much easier returning to work when I know my baby is happy and well cared for. She always comes home happy, rested and with a full tummy. We love the updates via Story park. We appreciate the staff being so friendly, obliging and taking a genuine interest in each child. Not having to worry about packing nappies and food is wonderful.
The team spirit between all staff really makes Harmony feel like Summer’s family. We love the creativity involved in the daily learning activities – they think they’re just playing when actually they’re learning!!

Joseph started Prep last week and we cannot believe just how ready he was to get there. He fronted up day one with confidence, excitement and a genuine interest to start learning. His Harmony experience was a big part of what made him so ready. We are truly grateful for the love and care he received, not to mention the amazing food.

He built great friendships, some which will now continue at his new school, and formed beautiful relationships with his teachers/carers who have helped shape the little man he is – kind, brave, thoughtful, fun and respectful.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and your team for loving him so much and providing a safe and beautiful environment he could grow in.
What a great journey he had with memories we will all cherish.


Kindergarten Parent, 2020

Our children are valued and important every day that they attend Harmony. They are cared for with sincere kindness, and their learning is always engaging and purposeful. We wouldn’t send our kids anywhere else on the coast!
We love having Roxy at Harmony as she is excited to go each day and the growth we have seen in her is amazing. As our 3rd child we have been in a number of day care centres on the coast and this is by far the best. Great care, fantastic caring staff, great food and an amazing array of experiences for her – simply brilliant!!!

We really appreciate the staff at Harmony – nothing is too much trouble. Jess and Chloe care for her like she is their own. My husband hates leaving his little girl with anyone – but this is the first time he is happy to hand her over, as he knows the care she gets is first class. To us staff make a centre and the staff here are first class!!!

The staff at Harmony are amazing. My son absolutely loves coming every day. You are all doing an awesome job. Thank you for treating my son with much love and understanding.
Our family appreciates the easy, quick, and warm contact made with parents and family members – this is not always a given at other centers, but is of absolute highest importance. We love that ALL staff know our kids, and care for them at all times. We really appreciate the new projects that occur almost weekly, as family involvement really adds to our experience in the year.

It’s hard to believe that almost four years ago we walked through the doors of Harmony not long after you opened. We knew instantly that we loved your facilities, but little did we know that you and what you had built would become like a second home for Isla.

Now as we walk through your hallways, we see photos and so many little faces, delicious menu plans, children’s artwork and beautiful welcome signs made by small hands. You embed the children in all that you do, and it’s evident through the love they have for you. Knowing that my children are cherished by all of you and that their days are filled with love and laughter makes an incredible difference.

There is so much to say but ultimately it all comes down to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for providing such a beautiful start to my child’s life and inspiring her to learn and grow.


Kindergarten Parent, 2020

The staff at harmony are angels. They take the time to make each child feel special and parents are listened to.
I love Harmony because both of my children are in a fun, safe environment. Harmony nurtures their talents and encourages them to learn and develop and in a fun way. It’s always scary leaving your babies with anyone other than family, but I feel confident harmony is the next best thing.
I appreciate the attention to detail with my eldest child’s severe food allergies. Their on-site chef follows his strict diet routine which is greatly appreciated. He started there the week they opened and I knew I had been holding out for child care ’till the right centre opened. After 12 months I can safely say I made the right choice. And with my daughter I love all the cuddles and affection she receives. We love harmony!!!

This is by FAR the best daycare centre I’ve used, and with 4 kids I have been to many. Its organised, fun and friendly and it makes leaving the kids to go to work a nice experience. Considering we have only been attending 2 weeks the educators have sure done a lot and the kids are really busy.

Bohdy is extremely happy with the food! Well done to our chef for her brilliant creations.

My daughter Sophie attended Harmony Learning Greenslopes for three-and-a-half years and absolutely loved it! She really made a connection with her teachers and formed wonderful memories there. Her favourite parts included painting, playing on the outdoor equipment and helping chef Heidi in the kitchen.

She still talks about Harmony even though she is in ‘big school’ now and loves to visit the centre when we pick up her two younger brothers.

Harmony is a beautiful environment filled with dedicated educators that strive to create learning opportunities that challenge and engage our kids. I would highly recommend this facility and feel so lucky that our kids have been able to attend.


Harmony Parent, 2019-2021

Thank you for your excellent management of the centre. You and your staff exhibit, what I consider to be, ‘best-practice’ in early learning.
The wonderful director and staff have passion, sense of fun and a genuine care for the children which is making Harmony a special place. We have been impressed by what the lovely Chef Donna has been offering in the nutrition department and what an important value is being placed on mealtimes, not only from a nutritional perspective but how important these times are for social engagement. We have full confidence in Donna in catering for our son’s special dietary requirements and allergies.
Coorparoo is an amazing centre! The care and professionalism they bring to looking after for our little people makes dropping them off to go to work significantly less stressful knowing they are in such good hands. Everyday they come home slightly dusty, but full of smiles, new words, expressions and joy! They are always happy to go to kindy to see their friends and educators, and we couldn’t ask for a safer, more caring place for our kids.


We welcome all feedback and utilise it to continuously improve and provide the best environment for each child.

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